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Our Approach
Child Centiicity   Enabling Environment

Child centricity for TAAL implies that interventions converge around the child, that their voices and concerns are heard and acknowledged. This has three programmatic ramifications: one, the benefit of interventions reach the child; secondly, the child participates as a stakeholder in his/her own right in decision-making related to project implementation; and thirdly, organizational effectiveness and contribution can be assessed in its ability to enable the child to realize his or her rights as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


TAAL seeks to create an enabling environment for communities by linking them to their context, so that they are able to explore holistic (rather than isolated) solutions to meet their development needs. The communities are organized, trained, capacitated and infused with relevant experience to be able to leverage their knowledge and resources to overcome their development challenges. As an intervention strategy for TAAL it implies working as a field implementation unit AND TO perform knowledge management and support function to other stakeholders to integrate development into planning and action.

TAAL firmly believes that civil society organizations can pool their expertise, regional and contextual knowledge by coming together as a network or as a consortium to bring in efficiency in implementation and effectiveness in impacts. TAAL engages with government at the local and the state level on regular basis with the aim of influencing policies and managerial practices in the state.
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